Urdu Genie = Urdu Gini = Urdu Jini

اسلامی گیم,اردو کھیل, اردو گیم, بچوں اور بڑوں کیلیے, اردو جینی, پھانسی گھر

Urdu , Arabic and English version of HANGMAN game

New improved version of Online Urdu (and Islamic) game that is responsive and played on Small screens such as Mobile , Tablet and Large screens such as Smart TV (Television). In this game the player has to guess the Urdu/Islamic (Arabic) word by clicking on Albhabets shown on web page (screen). Learn and Play Game !
adaab arz hay

Android based PhansiGhar Urdu Game available for download on your mobile phones.

Urdu Online Game Phansi Ghar version 2 - اردو کھیل پھانسی گھر (latest version)

English HangMan Game